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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Brand new phone. Brand new life. Whole new possibilities. The old phone has passed away and new life, new signal has begun. New software has been uploaded and full reset has been restored. Getting a new phone is like your new life found in Christ. You once were dead like a dead phone but now you have new life connected to Gods heart. A pure device that has Christ as its Google. Able to start afresh a new algorithm thats seeks after God. So many other times with other phones you have tried and failed. But this time you are building a relationship with Christ. You are downloading apps that please him with a search history that seeks after righteousness and truth, not sin and its desires. Your connected life in Christ is so clear, God can pick you up to his ear and have an open loving conversation with you. While your talking to Him, He wants you to the pass the phone to your neighbor. Jesus has so much he wants to share through your life about his love on the Cross. That Cross became the ultimate cell tower to know God. It is powered by the ressurection of Jesus Christ. He is the source of life for all dead phones. Study Romana 6:4 

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