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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Instruction and example have to go together. You cannot give detailed instruction if there is no proper example to follow. And you cannot give a proper example without giving detailed instruction to guide you. Many times we try to live our Christian life by instruction only and forget we need to follow Christ's example. Checking off a checklist of instruction is not going to produce the spiritual fruit God wants for us. The same thing for just following example, you must follow instruction from Gods word so we are heading towards a righteous path. Its very easy to have a social Gospel and not the Living Gospel if we don't live by the word of God. So, read the instructions of Gods word so that you know the foundation of your life is stable. Though we will never be perfect like Christ, He is our example to follow so that we can build a beautiful faith that will last for eternity. It will stand the test of time and not sink in worldly quicksand. Built upon the rock of instruction and example found in Christ alone. Study Matt. 7:24

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