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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The reason sinners live is because of the unmingled grace and pure mercy of God in Christ. Instead of wiping humanity off the face of the earth for all their transgressions. God instead pays the penalty for sin Himself and is at work restoring this world into his image. Jesus is that express image and his spirit is transforming people day by day, hour by hour. The breath in our lungs comes from Jesus. Our heartbeat and will to live comes from God above. Were it not for grace we would not have the faith to overcome this life. To have victory over sin is a supernatural phenomenon in this world. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. With just one glance we commit adultery. With just one thought we may be guilty of murder. With just one desire we can steal. But Christ instead of using his iron rod he uses his silver scepter over us. He calls us son or daughter and ask us to be apart of the Kingdom, the family of God! If only we would confess our sins and repent, we would find grace in our time of need. Jesus is the strength to our lives. We have faith because He has overcome the world. Take a moment and look at the ten commandments of God. Realize you have been forgiven of all transgressions against the law of God. Keep them in your heart and pursue the righteousness of Christ. It is through Jesus that we can live according to the law of his word. Meditate Gal. 3:22

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