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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

I see myself riding on a boat during the stormy seas of life. Like a valiant sailor I am taking in rough waves, confident though because Christ life rests in me. Up and down through trial and tribulation, I steady the sails and faithfully fight the good fight. Far off in the distance I can see the horizon. The Sun of Righteousness is coming to calm the winds and waves that are overpowering me. I must press through the fear of falling into the dreadful seas of despair. Keep centered in the love of Christ while pursuing him in need of wisdom and strength. Here comes this big wave ready to crash over me! I steady the boat for big impact, holding on to hope of my salvation. All of a sudden Christ in me stands up holding my composure. Peace be still echoes in the chambers of my heart, settling the storm within me. What was meant to be a huge wave over me has become showers of blessings! The power of Christ in me the hope of glory, has brought me through torrential spiritual warfare. Victory is found in the peaceful waters of grace. Where the Sun of Righteousness rises high on the horizon. Setting its warm gaze all around me, I am full of passion for God. I know in Christ alone my faith will stand.

Study Ps. 89:9 

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