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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The problem within us is the love of sin. That habit, that desire has deep roots in us. The more you try to avoid it the more you feel you need it. Love is the greatest of virtues and it can be greatly distorted with a sinful heart. The only way to be released from this addicting love affair is to find a greater love. A greater pursuit found in the love of Christ. His love is the only way to be released from deadly desires and sinful flesh. New passions begin to flow throw you as the love for sin begins to dry out. It is not that all sin is removed around the Christian. But is the power of God that allows a believer to walk the minefield of sin and not be affected by its desires. Able to not be blown away, tossed to and fro. But able to walk in truth and integrity, this because of a new heart and new desires found in deep relationship with Jesus. The love of God in Christ is able to free anyone shackled to sinful desires. Be set free today by the power of his love. 

Study Rom. 8:2 

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