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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Left to perish in their sins are the godless and the faithless. Leave us alone they say, wanting the liberty to destroy their own souls. They hate the light because they are blinded by the prince of darkness. Concerned only about the things of the world, they do not want to be worried with thoughts of death, judgment, and eternity. No desire to hear about repentance and faith available in Christ. Wanting religious people to leave them alone. Frankly, this is a cruel kindness we cannot grant them. How can we stand by and watch people perish? No, I say keep the Sword of the Spirit sharp and be ready to cut down any argument that comes against the knowledge of God. May it cut so sharp that it lights the wick of dry and harden hearts towards God. There is grace for the perishing, spirit and life is found in Christ. Study Job 18:5

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