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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

The Law of the LORD is perfect; it gives us new life and strength by awaking the conscience to the holiness of God. Seeing truly what is the divine standard of right and then looking at yourself to compare. The Commandments are not grievous and do not merely refer to acts and deeds. No, with equal force they refer to the thoughts, words and intentions of the heart. It is a gift from God to realize that He is Holy and you are not. The testimony of the LORD lasts forever, giving wisdom to ordinary people. It is a perfect Law of a perfect God that demands moral perfection. When you understand that you need God more than anything, that is when the Gospel makes perfect sense. And why we are commanded to warn to everyone about sin and death, so that we may present every person perfect in Jesus Christ. Study Ps. 93:5

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