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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

I am not a pig that I should want to wallow in the mud of sinful desires. I see the pigs splashing and rolling in their own filth and mud. Carelessly at peace dirty in their own muck and miry. As a little lamb of God I know I am not supposed to play in such debauchery, I have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus, my Great Shepherd. He tells me to stay away from cease pool of sin and the world, reminding me to go and sin no more. But I can't help having these feelings of jumping into muddy yet sensual waters. I watch other lambs of the flock as they jump in with the pigs when the Shepherd isn't looking. They clean up well but always have lingering effects in need of the Shepherd to wash them thoroughly. He pleads with them to stay away from the mud of sinful desires before something worse happens to you. The pigs are Brut's and don't care about the lambs in the mud of sin. They will trample over anything even when nothing is chasing them. The Shepherd has many times run them away from the green pastures of grace, not allowing their mud to destroy the good green grass of faith prepared for the saints. Oh Shepherd, forgive me, I have muddied my feet in sinful desires and my guilt is all over me. You called me out of my miry pit and in the process the pigs about almost run me over. Trampling everything in there way as you cast them to the cliffs. I limp towards your presence, knowing a sorry is never enough. With tears in your eyes you hold me tightly even in all my muddy filth. You cleansed me with hyssop and made me whiter than snow. Bringing me back safely into the fold. Then I noticed the Shepherd's distress as He looks intently in the mud of sinful desires. His heart was broken and grieved as He saw some of his lambs had gotten trampled by those savaged pigs. They did not make it out in time as I did but got swept away in evil desire, destroyed by the consequence of sin. The wolves had already begun to circle and grab lifeless souls. The Great Shepherd goes for lambs that are still in the clay helpless being nipped at by tenacious wolves. With his rod he beats back the enemy and saves the lambs from certain sin and death. Praise God, we are the sheep of his pasture! Every time I see the muck and the miry of sin, it reminds me that we are like precious pearls to the Jesus. Let us not throw ourselves into sin's pit, and allow our hearts and lives be trampled upon by pigs. No, let us stay as clean as humanly possible before our God. Knowing that Jesus will cleanse and wash us, keeping us blameless in heaven until He comes again.

Study Proverbs 26:11, Matt. 7:6

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