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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

You. You have no control of your spirit. You throw reckless words around and you give the truth without love. Your hot anger is poured out like a broken open spout with no one able to stop it, not even a mention of God will slow it down. Always leaving a mess for others to clean up, leaving behind a wreckage of torn down trust mixed hopelessness. Yes, You are a glutton in everything, with your desire never satisfied. You walk around with pride, as if everyone should do what you say. God forbid you are wrong about something. You willfully try to be an obstacle in people's way, with provoking thoughts that only come from sinful human nature. You never take advise and blame others for your own bad decisions. Everything is funny and nothing is serious, you say that you are just being real but never have something good to say. You gossip to inflict pain, and make light of people's problems. Always treating others not the way you would like to be treated. You never forgive and hold things over people. For you I'm sorry is enough and no reconciliation will do. Yea, I'm talking about You. I am confronting You, you evil and wicked spirit working in my life. Jesus has already sent you behind me. I am submitted to God and that spirit of fear has to flee. I am filled with power and love of Holy Spirit, having a sound and controlled mind in Christ. I have control of spirit, Jesus lives in me and that is true self control. Study Matthew 16:23

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