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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

The sun is a consuming fire ball. As you get closer and closer to it you can feel its purifying rays. Strangely it does not consume itself but shines all the more brighter. I'm sure science has a good answer for this but lets focus on this in laymen's terms. The sun is a balancing force in our universe. So strong you can't even stare directly at it. But if you hide from it you will not survive in the darkness that covers this earth. Scripture says that God is like a consuming fire. When He appeared before Moses He appeared as a consuming fire on a burning bush. To Moses curiosity the bush did not burn up but continued to burn all the more brightly. We need God like we need the sun. We cannot survive alone in the darkness of this world where sin and death reside. The power of God sustains life in this earth yet alone the universe, just like the sun is the central force in the physical world we see. God is calling us to his Marvelous Light through Jesus, even though we can't fully see Him, in the same way we can't stare at the physical sun. Jesus's Death and Resurrection has provided a way for humanity to be exposed to the Light of Heaven. We have the moon as a chilling example of what life can be apart from God's light. Formless and void with no viable spirit and life. The spiritual eye is the lamp of the body, and through the Spirit of Christ in us we can enter into the real presence of God. The problem is, the presence of holy light exposes the deeds of darkness in sinful hearts. Who can stand against the LORD Almighty? People turn away in fear and shame when the light of Jesus's face comes near. But remember He did not come to condemn the world but save the world through Him. His life is the Light of humanity. Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God. In the fiery presence of God all is striped away. Guilt and shame are exposed but mercy and grace covers you as a light. Naked in soul before the LORD, don't turn away. Surrender every aspect of your life to the all consuming fire of Holy Spirit. The closer you come to Christ the more heat is activated, the more pressure is applied. You are being renewed by Christ's Holy Fire, for without holiness no one will see the LORD. Its a purifying fire to your heart, your soul, your mind, and your strength that will soon have you standing in the Sun of Righteousness.

Study John 3:20

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