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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

If you knew something was poison but taste so physically good, could you resist? What if I told you it was like cigarettes, only a little bit at a time it can't hurt you all at once? Or maybe if you just play ignorant to the poison, maybe you'll get lucky. I can imagine how the great deceiver himself reasoned with the first humans. Like a slithery serpent the devil managed to get out of them just a small taste of disobedience. Some of the most perverted things that have entered the heart of man started as something much simpler and less heinous. An evil darkness that comes straight from the depths of hell that only produces sin and death. This disobedience continues until the conscience is gone and the voice of reason is drowned out with unnatural desire. Sin is poison to our faith and we must avoid it at all cost. God will keep us perfect and holy as we stay close to Christ. He is the founder and perfecter of our faith and not us. So if you like a dog return to the vomit of your sins. Go ahead and keel over, throw up ever trace of sin's poison you been eating. Jesus is rubbing your back as you excruciatingly confess your heart out and turn away sin's vomit. Grace is the elixir to sin's poison. But too much of its poison will lead to death. Do not expect to have the life Jesus offers if after the first bite of sin you eat the whole fruit of disobedience. Wiping your mouth away in wicked satisfaction, as you desperately try to drink in grace before you succumb to sins deadly venom. God help us!

Study Job 20:12-17

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