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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Young children hold on more to what their parents say. They quote them and remember what they have promised. Yes, they emulate there parents actions but they hold their words to a higher esteem. They believe in their parents more at such a young age because they are totally enamored by them and by the care they receive. As they age and become adolescent what parents say starts to go over there heads. Their eyes roll over making it quicker for their words to pass away into thin air. They are growing in knowledge, learning wisdom from the environment around them. Influences like school, church, friends, social media, and television. They are pulled in so many different ways they are in need of a stable good influence their lives. As children get older they hold to what you do rather than what you say. Your words are appreciated but they want an example that they can follow, even if they do not admit it. We need to be accountable for our words, and actually do what we say we are going to do as well as how we act. As young children in the LORD our faith is precious. We enjoy just spending time with God getting to know his presence in our lives. We hold on in the early stages of our faith to his every word. But as we grow in our faith different things start to become important to us about God. We want to see Him move more in the difficult things we struggle with. We want to have assurance of the things we cannot see. LORD, I want to trust you like a child trusts his parents every word. But as I mature in my faith I must follow your example you have left me. You carried your Cross and you call me to do the same. My words are not enough, the path you have laid before me is holy. I am imperfect and I trip up at your word all the time. I feel so unworthy to keep your word because I fail you so much. You remind always to be at rest, I am not trying to impress you for salvation, no I have it through the Cross. Jesus, you are doing this newness of life with me. The Living Word in me is also helping me and guiding me to walk this christian life out in the flesh. The perfect Father in heaven knows how to give perfect love to his imperfect children. Praise God, what a gift it is to say by the power of God I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Jesus our great Savior and example, the Living Word of God. Meditate Eph. 6:1

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