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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, I see a place filled with huge amounts of trash. Piles of foul garbage and with actual people living there. This is the only life they have known. This is normal for them to eat out of rotten and spoiled desires. Comfortable with idleness and the stench of sin does not bother their hearts and minds. This is the place where people die in their sins without mercy and hope. You would think only to see wild dogs in this hell of place. But no, there are precious once bold lions there. The only remains left behind is their carcasses once filled with honey, now just dry bones eaten away by fleshly desires. This reminds of Gehenna, a valley of Hinnom just outside of Jerusalem. So much wickedness was done there that Jeremiah called it the valley of dead bones. It was the place of child sacrifices Israel offered to Molech. It was also a place of burning refuse. The valley became the dumping ground for the sewage and refuse of the city. It was a place of crawling worms and maggots. By defiling this place with refuse, Josiah stopped the child sacrifices. Fires burned continually to destroy the garbage and impurities. From this valley a terrible and putrid smoke arose continually. Spiritually speaking people live from this trash heap everyday. The sins of the past they hold on to. The evil desires they practice and approve of. And the stench of their wicked spirit keeps them in the place of Gehenna. Jesus used the symbolism of Gehenna to describe the place of everlasting punishment. It is better for you to enter into life maimed, than having two hands, to go to Gehenna into the fire that shall never be quenched. Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into Gehenna. Many have made their bed in hellish desires and lay in it in ignorance. Woe, to those who willfully chose to die in their sins. Jesus offers us a new Jerusalem to eat off the table of holy things, pleading with us to stay away from the spiritual place of Gehenna. Sadly, God is judging the world through Christ and those who chose to live in hell now will be judged in the real place of Gehenna. Gehenna, or hell, is presently unoccupied. In the future, when God judges the wicked angels along with evil humanity, then hell, or Gehenna, will become inhabited. The place of sinful living and trash is the same place where the wicked will be judged. Jesus has a new garden with many mansions to offer us teeming with spirit and life. Leave today the garbage of sin behind. Ask Jesus to give you new passions, new desires, and to cleanse you from all the filth you been living in. You can experience heaven now, its prayer away in Jesus name.

Meditate 1 Sam. 2:8


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