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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

To control large fires you must allow little fires to burn. It will stop further spread and damage. Its all about containment, making sure the fire does not spread out of your control. In the same way, our bodies have different desires that burn with much passion. We are not to cut off fire completely, but give our desires over to God. Allowing Holy Spirit to be a spiritual bridle over our spirit. God wants us to pursue godly virtues and desires which can only be met in relationship with Christ. Jesus would rather have you battle sin in the mind than directly in the flesh. If your fighting sin, the flesh and the devil by behavior change and self help you have already lost. If your mind is stayed on Jesus, He will keep you in perfect peace. As the fires of hell are kept at bay in the mind, preventing catastrophe damage to your life. In the battle field of the mind can the christian overcome sin and death. Yes, in your thinking you can put out large fires of consequences before it destroys your life. Its so easy for humanity to perfect themselves to death, and not rely on God for salvation. People can really burn each other down with a flesh that is out of control. In Ex. 22:6 its says, "If you are burning thorn bushes and the fire gets out of control and spreads into another person’s field, destroying the sheaves or the uncut grain or the whole crop, the one who started the fire must pay for the lost crop. Desires fire out of control ruins relationships and destroys things we love. Ask God to keep untamed passion under control and use it for righteousness's sake. Jesus has burned up all the works we have done for justification. There is nothing humanity can do apart from Christ to appeal for perfect goodness and holiness. What God calls for us to do is be in the process of sanctification. Sanctifying our hearts and minds from sin and death. Allowing the fire of Holy Spirit to burn up selfish man made desires, and replace it with self controlled consuming fire from within. Always burning but never consumed, constantly be filled with faith hope and love found Jesus. Meditate 1 Cor. 3:9-15

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