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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Passion is a gift from God. Intuition is gift from God. With the Holy Spirit's direction we can truly live a blessed life. We live in a world that thwarts our passions and distorts what we hold dear. We need the Spirit of Christ to lead us through our lives. We will have dry seasons and we will have fruitful seasons. If we chose to live in word of God our wild natures will be tamed and Gods will for our lives will be accomplished. His plans are different from our plans, and we may not be happy with things happening at first. But we can do nothing will untamed passions but burn up our lives as well as others. We must give our lives as an offering to Christ, not to die but to live in holy matrimony. In Jesus we can have great relationships with others, but best of all with God. Come to the Father in Jesus name and we will receiving the blessings of the promise. Our life passions should be what God passions are. David was a man after Gods own heart. So should all people be after what pleases God and not what pleases ourselves. LORD, give me your intuition, the ability to understand your will immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Keep down the flesh and its passions that war within me. Fill me with your confidence so that I may not sin against you.

Meditate Acts 13:22


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