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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

God's presence is paradise. It could be in a beautiful land where God provides land filled with milk and honey. And also it could be out in a desert place where God provides cloud by day and fire by night. Real paradise as we mature in our faith is where Gods presence is at. Like Moses said to God, I do not want to go anywhere if you are not with me. I am paraphrasing but it is worth observing things in our life that are not open to God's presence. When we allow ourselves to go into sin ignoring the wisdom of God, we are left in desolate and desperate situations. No matter if it looks like greener grass or dry sand, the presence of God is their for us if we look for Him. Situations may change as we live our lives on earth, but God never changes and in his presence is fullness of joy. His presence is paradise no matter what trial we are in, no matter what foolish decision we have made. Gods presence is what we need to seek daily. Jesus is our milk and honey, and our cloud by day and fire by night.

Meditate Ex. 33:15


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