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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I am reminded of one minute drills in high school. Where I would press in on hard work and dedication to become a better athlete. Pushing my self at the time to be a better basketball player. So many times I would fail to get the time needed to please my coaches. And I would have to line up again and try to get the time need for certain drills. But it was for my own good so that when the real game started I was prepared. Not only physically but mentally. And through the physical we can challenge our mentality. Push ourselves to the limit and gain wisdom deep within. LORD, give the strength to keep getting up and trying again. To number my days and honor you with my personal sacrifice. I know you are making all things, even through my failures and faults. You pick me up and remind me your unfailing love every time I waver. Jesus you make me strong for the adversity, your Spirit is all I need. Meditate Heb. 13:15


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