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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Samson was empowered externally by the Holy Spirit. But its obvious that the Holy Spirit did not dwell within him richly. Because we do see a change of character in Samson. We are new testament believers who have the victory in Christ shunning sin. The old testament Israelite Samson did not have the Spirit within, not able to strive with man till the Spirit of Christ came. God still inspires and empowers people today for his purposes. But the most amazing things he does more time than not, is filling sinful people with his Holy Spirit. Guiding them to living in wisdom and power with a righteous character reflecting Christ. What good is to gain the whole world but lose your soul to sins hold. It would be amazing to have the strength of Samson almost like a super hero avenger from TV. But in reality the strength of character and victory over sin, is the best super hero power itself. Those super hero powers come from the ultimate hero of the age, Jesus Christ our LORD.

Meditate Heb. 11:32

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