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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

So many times in my life I should have not struck the rock and just spoke to the rock as God has said. In my relationships and in my job I should have not reacted in anger and revenge, and just allowed God to work. In my marriage I should have not forced my way but humbled myself and let God take control of the situation. Its in my flesh to want to strike and push my way through. My way or the highway, but God works so much better when we get out of the way. Even though he can still work through our foolishness, we need to step back and speak to the rock of offenses in our lives and let God pour out the miracle. I can't tell how many times when I allowed God to speak to hearts and situations and kept myself in private prayer, God brought about the peace and the change. We are too quick to strike the rock of offense rather than allowing God to use his power, his strength, The Holy Spirit. Think about this though as I end this meditation for today. Moses was told to by God before to strike the rock. There are times where must strike while the iron is hot, but it should always be done in love. That's where the miracle of the Gospel always shows through when we share truth in love. God will use us to take planks out of peoples eyes, but you are still using his tweezers. The wisdom you have was given to you by God not you. Moses's miracle of water was still God's even though He was more hands on with the stick in his hand. I think the less we try to be God and the more we try honor to God in everything we do. The better we will be at getting out of the way of Gods Sovereignty and Purpose. LORD Jesus, help me to obey you in humble submission as you use me to work in others. Let me not bring shame to your name by the way I behave striking at everything you say I need to speak to. And as for the things you call me to move forward and strike, keep me from sin in my heart as you humble everyone who needs your discipline and word. I am your instrument of righteousness, use me as you see fit. But let me not sin against thee.

Meditate 1 Cor. 10:1-4


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