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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

To be drunk is to be filled with debauchery. To be sober in mind is to be filed with Righteousness. The Holy Spirit so fills a person that they are intoxicated with spirit and life. In the same way alcohol fills you with fine wine and spirits. So Holy Spirit fills us with the full Spirit of Christ. We become transformed by Him and we live with spirit and life instead of the drunkenness and confusion of the flesh. The flesh can manipulate the spirit if you allow it. But filled with Holy Spirit you can overcome the intoxication of the flesh and be sober minded. You must be watered by the word daily. Drink up the Living Water through relationship with Christ. It will keep your flesh from the wine that drunken's you into the ways of this world. Its amazing how living water flows from the belly, the place were we eat and drink. The place where we produce energy and substance. If we allow the mixed desires of this world to process in our bodies. Our spiritual liver will be cankered, no longer able to fight off impurities and sin. Guard your heart and keep it with all diligence. The mixed desires and wine of this world will wear away at it and destroy it. Allow the Spirit of Christ to water it daily through the Living Word. The flesh will soon be destroyed and true living waters will spring forth before your eyes in the New Jerusalem! Having Shalom, peaceful waters from within. For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do--living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry. Of course, your former friends are surprised when you no longer plunge into the flood of wild and destructive things they do. So they slander you. But they will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead. These people are as useless as dried-up springs or as mist blown away by the wind. They are doomed to blackest darkness. They brag about themselves with empty, foolish boasting. With an appeal to twisted sexual desires, they lure back into sin those who have barely escaped from a lifestyle of deception. They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you. I see dried up heart springs destroyed by debauchery and sin. LORD Jesus forgive us for our over-indulgences, spring new life in us and over flow our hearts with fresh living desires again.

Meditate Eph. 5:18


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