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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Every rose has its thorn here on earth. But in heaven there will be none. The curse of sin will be gone and true righteousness will bud like wild roses! We all have thorns of the flesh that God has allowed to keep us humble towards the straight and narrow. They hurt and sting causing us pain. Let the pain be a reminder that all thorns will soon be removed from our flesh. Because Christ has risen we all will have new bodies free from the thorns of the past and present. The curse of sin was placed as a crown of thorns on His head. The true Rose of Sharon knew no sin but allowed our thorns to bruise heel. Jesus crushed the enemies head and will forever bear the scars of our thorny sins. Look at his side where the spear penetrated. Look at his hands where the nails pierced his hands. The only Rose of heaven to have the marks of thorns. Yes, all those who were planted in the Cross will bloom again with no thorns and thistles. Red Roses grown in the nectar of Christ blood, able to produce real spirit and life without the thorns of sin. We are his bouquet of roses, He Himself sits in the middle of our Heavenly Bouquet as He gives us to our Heavenly Father as gift of sweet smelling aroma of faith. Every rose has its thorn here on earth. But in heaven there will be none among us.

Meditate Is. 35:2

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