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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Listen, I hear the sounds of singing in the air. Voices in unison coming from the down the street. I follow the sweet trail of fellowship and praises as I come upon a Church. But it feels more like home, it feels more like a family. As I walk in I am greeted by smiling saints, many of which are eager to hug with a holy kiss. Brothers and sisters in the LORD encouraging and praying for one another everywhere. Fathers and mothers training and loving in the LORD being honored by the youth. You can tell that the Spirit of Christ is oozing out of people's hearts as worship fills the air. So much distraction and noise outside that keeps dead souls from hearing the sound of heaven touching earth. Yes, what a gift from God to enjoy the fellowship of Christ's power and sufferings. As we tap into this as a body of believers we are proclaiming what we have seen and heard through the Gospel in our lives. This isn't church, this isn't a social club, this is truly becoming my Heavenly Father's house. I am home.

Matt. 19:29


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