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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Hey, I’ll race ya? Come on, the finish line is prize of eternal life. Feel those lungs of faith expanding. Those breaths of faith are getting heavier right? Your legs are weary and you don’t know how long you can go? Troubles come and go it’s ok to rest and pray. Faith is a gift we must internally process. But soon enough you will get stronger and you will get wiser. Running with purpose and passion. I’m running with you in this race we call life. Jesus is in us and he will lead and strengthen us across this journey. This is not a marathon we are called too. We will not to celebrate solo on the finish line. Only together as a great body of believers will we receive the Trophy Himself Jesus Christ our LORD. Look over there. Let’s slow down. I see a tired brother or sister in the LORD that needs help. Lets lift them up in prayer and get them back on this journey of faith. The marathon is long and only Christ knows the distance. For he has crossed the finish line first and gives us his Spirit to pursue the great finish line of eternal life. I am running after you LORD Jesus. And I am bringing precious souls with me only by the conviction of Holy Spirit. I see a large of born again believers running towards the gates of heaven. How beautiful the feet of those who bring Good News!

Study Phil 3:14


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