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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

A Beautiful soul. Bear with me this week I have much to pour about the topic of beauty. I want to organize my thoughts in way that it brings glory to God. So much to say about beauty but I do not want any wasted words. So much physical beauty is wasted because of sin in this world. What God meant for beauty we have marred with our sinful flesh. The love between a man and woman has become distorted, the love for one another has become dry, even creations beautiful has been stolen for sinful expressions. What can't be lost and what I want to focus on for today is a beautiful soul. I think about how beautiful a tree is swaying on a beautiful sunny day. There is more to its beauty that just bark deep. Trees are so intricately beautiful on the inside with rings that look like veins. I makes me believe that some of the most beautiful things began from inside. God makes everything beautiful in his time and purpose. My heart is full with this, there is so much more to dive into. We will jump into more tomorrow. Let me leave you with this simple thought. He who began a good work in you will continue until the day he appears again. Oh Jesus is making a beautiful soul out of us daily. I think about the horrible person I use to be, but he is patient and he is kind. Jesus is making something beautiful out of me, a beautiful soul for others to see his holy workmanship. What sadness to see a heart made ugly by sin, and to have never had God in Christ remake into a beautiful soul. Scrooge would be a wonderful example of this.

Meditate Eccls. 3:11


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