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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

How quickly fads and trends come and go. The restless heart of man is never satisfied finding new ways to sin. There are many thoughts in a man's heart; but the counsel of the Lord abides for ever. Good people obtain favor from the LORD, but he condemns those who devise wicked schemes. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever. LORD, The entirety of Your word is truth, and all Your righteous judgments endure forever. Revive me according to Your loving devotion, that I may obey the testimony of Your mouth. Jesus, you said Heaven and earth will pass away but your words will never pass away. I take comfort in knowing that the world is in your hands. Though evil may try to thwart your word you will still establish your righteousness on the earth. No matter what man can do and change, the sure word of the LORD is as faithful as the rain and the sun. Never to come back void to you but establish its purpose even in a sinful world.

Meditate Ps. 119:89


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