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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh LORD, we don’t talk anymore. I miss talking to you about everything I am going through. Lately, I have been keeping things to myself and when I do share things with others it’s only crumbs and pieces. Hard to be honest with my feelings with people because they judge you so quickly. Sometimes you just need a word of encouragement and not a judgmental spirit. Sometimes you need just a helping hand and I’m not talking about money. An ear to listen, and another eye to see sometimes is all I need. Why do I stray from your presence? Well, my faith grows weak when I feel you don’t care. Things happen and I wonder if you even know. By the time I realize my heart is far from you, I have made a worse mess of everything. I need to love more, especially you Jesus. I need to care more about relationship with you. Need to get back to talking with you daily in prayer. Your feedback, your advice, your wisdom is better than my own devices. I only ask you give the grace to hear your voice. So that I can build from that. Let me hear from you like I use to. Let me understand you like I use to. I’m sorry we don’t talk anymore like we use to do. I know you are always available any time. Thank you for that. You are constantly interceding and filling me with Holy Spirit to get me through this life victoriously.

Meditate Rom. 5:11


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