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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The pendulum of Gods church swings back and forth. Left and right it swings, as faith and works does it’s perfect sanctification. Many times it swings so high left that we lack discipline and doctrine. It also swings high right where the Holy Spirit is quenched by our harshness and cruelty. Justice and mercy are constantly at odds in this world, where the pendulum of the church moves makes a difference. The less we swing high and but not swing so low, the more louder the bell of Christ love rings in this world. Oh the sweet sound of love that comes from Heavens bell! May on earth ring a quiet bell, so quiet that those that hear it, hear loudly from heaven. If our bell of the Gospel message shared is too loud you have become a loud gong with no love.

Meditate 1 Kings 8:30


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