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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Man what a difference flippers make. It is exhausting moving your arm and legs flippantly trying to stay above surface. Thank God for his flippers of grace, it makes swimming in these treacherous waters of life  so much more easier. It’s very tiresome trying to overcome sin with your own will power. God in Christ has filled us with Holy Spirit power and love so we would cross oceans for his presence. Keep swimming with your flippers of grace, even as wave after wave tries to take you under. It’s amazing what God can do with his grace working in your life. Don’t forget your snorkel googles and oxygen tube so you can navigate where your going. You guessed it, that would be the Living Word of God giving you real vision and purpose. Swim straight ahead, I see a Heavenly Sunrise up ahead coming up on the horizon! Amen.

Meditate Is. 43:2


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