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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The LORD will bring us to personal walls that are painful and ugly to deal with. We can't get by them without facing reality and truth. God wants us to excavate and take our time with these personal and emotional issues. To press into the darkness of the soul until we see the light of grace. Like a baby left alone in its first infancy months without touch. So are many souls left at the wall of there circumstances with a bad taste in their mouth without the answers they desire. People begin to blame God and wonder why such horrible things are happening to them with no end in sight. Babies mindsets are altered when they receive no physical touch at an early age. So are our mindsets if we don't seek the comfort of God in the midst of our trials. Some things God does not want us to have to go through and we hit up our heads against that wall so many times in defeat. We need to take the loss and the grief and the pain and let God use it for great gain. So many people have cried themselves away from God grieving away the Holy Spirit in regret and sorrow. So remember when we get to these walls of tribulations and trials, don't go at them alone without fellowship with Jesus and His body of believers. God has final say in every wall we face, whether it falls or stays up or we excavate through. While in this process lets allow the peace of God to guard our hearts and minds through Jesus Christ our LORD.

Meditate Is. 26:3


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