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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I saw my sons sneakers laying around outside in neglect after getting wet playing soccer with his friends in the rain. I remember those sneakers are the ones he worked a whole year to buy them. He was like 12 years old. He would did little jobs here and there but worked really hard to buy these sneakers that were $400 dollars. He was so happy just to be able to wear it with pride. I think he learned the value of hard work because he never worked that hard for sneakers again. He will buy sneakers here and there much cheaper but has not had that same fervor from before. I think it’s because there are more important things that material blessings. Like playing with friends in the rain with your Yeezy sneakers, like just having shoes that are comfortable for your feet, and also realizing things don’t last forever. We grow out of things like clothes, sneakers, styles, and adolescence. We are always changing and growing trying to fit into this world. If there is one thing I have learned is that the Spirit of Christ never fades or becomes dry. The Holy Spirit is fresh every morning. On the things that I hold dear he preserves, on the things I may be neglecting he strengthens me to sharpen. He is that pair of yeezy's that still looks good after many different seasons of our lives. We are being renewed daily by Gods presence in us like salt that never loses flavor. Pray to God in Christ today. Jesus has some good gospel shoes for us to wear that will last a lifetime.

Meditate Deut. 29:5


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