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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Be patient with me. And I will pay back what I owe you.  Jesus tells the parable of a servant who did not forgive – Matthew 18:21-35. The first servant was forgiven of so much but couldn't forgive someone that owed him very little than what he owed.  Scripture says, but the first servant refused. He sent the other servant to prison. He would stay there until he could pay the debt. Amen. It spoke to my spirit when the second servant pleaded saying be patient with me. So many people are asking for our patient and in our flesh we are not able to. There is a point where each one of us are tired of mercy and extending grace. Only God in Christ can produce in us a patience that can last and overlook an offense. This does not mean we become a doormat.  But are submitting to God this person and leading his patience do a perfect work in both of us. Every day the LORD is patient with us not willing that any should perish but all  should come to the grace and knowledge of the love of the LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. As we are changed by the love of God we start to share with each other the love and grace of God. Oh thank you Jesus for being patience with me allowing me the grace to grow in widsom and truth. Give me the faith to believe that for others.


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