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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Jesus, I came here with nothing. Everything I have till this point has come from you. I remember my mindset when I came before you with my life in pieces. I was so negative, so depressed in my own sins. You called me up from the pit of my despair into your awesome presence. I was so ashamed with holes in my pockets, not even dollar hidden in my socks. I could not help anyone let alone myself. Living in poverty you want to give but you don't have it to give it. So you get in more debt just to give something not realizing your bankrupting your soul in the process. Lord, you saw me with my filthy rags and had compassion. You ran out to meet me and wanted to live in my heart no matter how wicked and perverse it is. Jesus, you gave your beautiful life for the ashes of failed life. An exchange I cannot even begin to comprehend with my own heart and mind. You filled me with your Holy Spirit and gave me vision for my life. I had selfish goals set for myself but you gave new desires and new adventures to live in. My spirit was broken and you mended it with your grace. I walked away from prayer with money bags of spirit and life. And in your wisdom I am learn the skill of righteous living. You are showing me how to live in the Spirit and provide for myself, my family, and my church. No longer depending on man but to God alone for my provision. I lived most of my life with just enough but now I want to live my life with more than enough. Dishonesty does you no good, and telling lies will get you in trouble. If you live in the truth the darkness of sin will not overcome you. I had allowed darkness to creep its shadows until I had nothing to give to others, to myself, and to God. Praise God from who all blessings come, I came to the LORD with nothing and He gave me Himself, which is everything. I have a family of God I belong to. I have wealth that is worth more than any physical gain. I have more freedom than what the world can best offer. Come close to God, and he will come close to you. He will clean up your lives and purify your hearts. Its best you come before Christ's presence with nothing, so you can leave with more of Him. Don't worry though, you can go as many times as you want boldly before his presence. Each time, each prayer is more opportunity for righteous gain.

Meditate Ps. 73:28


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