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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The more humble you are the more you can receive. There so many prideful that cannot receive anymore from the LORD. They have received their reward in full already and have the praise of man. There barns are full to overflow, anything extra they cannot fit in their hearts and lives. But to those who are humble and realize the worth of God himself he freely gives all things. The humble are constantly being replenished with a fresh word every day. With a fresh song in their heart. And with a renewing of mind that gives the ability to receive all that God in Christ has for us. So many people live from the flesh rather then to continually live from the Spirit. The more humble we are to receive from the Spirit the more room we give to God to empty out our fleshly desires. Be humble. It is better to give than receive. Give God your all and you will make room for yourself to receive all God in Christ has for you.

Meditate James 4:6


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