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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Fight fire with fire. Throwing an ice bucket of shame over misplaced passions will not bring self control. That uncontrolled desire that sparks up again from the ashes of "I'm Sorry" will grow an even stronger fire of regret. You are a temple to the Lord, do not go burning desires in things that go against God's word. You have to remove yourself from that environment or influence, this so that your flesh is not pouring gas to the fire. In our own strength we cannot tame our passions. We need the living word of God as our guide and the fire of Holy Spirit as our strength. Fight uncontrolled fire with the controlled raging fire of God! For God is a consuming fire and his Holy Fire will consume all other uncontrolled passions in our hearts and minds. Only Jesus can cause you to burn for Him from within, giving you pure passions that shine His Righteousness. If you continue in uncontrolled passions, sin and death will eventually consume and burn you up. Christ's holy fire is an eternal flame getting stronger every day in you. Study Isaiah 33:14


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