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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Camera of Holy Spirit. You are being watched more than ever in the history of time. With the advent of technology personal privacy is becoming a thing of the past. More security and safety has taken its place in society. And definitely more than ever, cameras are able to record evil that use to be done in darkness and is now being seen in the light. There is a threat though of being watched all the time, and with that creates an overwhelming push for everyone to be perfect. Now, its not just about being caught picking your nose in secret. Or maybe making sure your perfect every time you speak about an opinion( which no one is). Humans are a sinful people, and the more they are exposed to the light the more they will self destruct. Trust is lost if I can't trust my neighbor when I turn my back. Mercy is lost when I make mistake and my neighbor turns their back. Its seems like cameras is a fix all, but in reality we all need a personal spiritual camera. God provides that in his Living Word, Jesus. That Bible has a spiritual WiFi camera and it connects you to the light and view of heaven via Holy Spirit. What you do before God in secret matters because Jesus has come to live in you. Without Jesus it is impossible to please God. Your life if put under a microscope amongst your peers, would be picked apart by savage humanity. This is why we cannot judge people to hell because of the sin that we have in ourselves would disqualify us. There is perfection that comes from Christ that allows people to live at peace with God and man. Even with our many imperfections the personal camera of Holy Spirit stays on you daily renewing your spirit. Perfecting your mind and when others see the change in your life they only praise God. No self help, human innovation, or adaptation. Just the power of God that provides a security of soul and reason. Given a choice, I think people would choose to be under the microscope of almighty God in the heart, rather than a people under the control of a government eagle eye. A evil democracy where the majority rules only. And desperate authority tries to demand the morals of the heart when only God should be able to do that. As technology increases cameras will continue to be apart of our lives. Lets choose to live by the personal WiFi camera of Gods word. Staying under his light and microscope will protect us from the evil darkness that is clouding the lens of humanities hearts more and more everyday. Do not fear the gaze of man, for it is like burning fire reflecting back at them. No, fear the gaze of God in your life, it is like staring directly at the Sun for all eternity.

Study 1 Tim. 4:16


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