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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

Honesty is a bedrock value of any good society. No moral principle is more clearer than the necessity for truthfulness. Without it our country will degenerate into a nation that accepts political graft, corruption and bribery as a way of life. Deceit and lies are the marks of wicked people while maintaining truth and moral integrity reflects a righteous people. Honesty before God is the best way to keep a firm foundation of truth. Life is like a two way mirror, even though we can't see God he can still see us. He tells us that he can see us, that we should live as though he were present with us, because he is. To the Christian we know that Jesus actually lives in us through the power of Holy Spirit. He sees when we lie, cheat, and steal. When we are being selfish, greedy or lustful. Jesus did not come to the world to condemn but to save. He offered his life as a ransom for many. But think about this, He gave us His Spirit as a deposit of the blessings to come of which it is already here. The LORD does not just want to save you from hell, but wants you to live in spirit and truth. Through a relationship with Christ you can have the opportunity to live honesty and humbly before your God. Don't waste your chance to know The Truth by living the lies of this world and the Devil.

Ps. 51:6


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