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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Red ribbon on top of tree.

Red ribbon how you softly fill the entire tree from head to toe. Your rosy bow looks so majestic high on top of the tree. Then the trail of your ribbon starts from the top wrapping down through the tree. Along side the lights ands ornaments of joy and goodwill to all. Yes, red ribbon how wonderful you remind me of the reason for the season. I can't help but to imagine the tree of life with red ribbon dripping down from its branches. On the Cross red ribbon you wrapped so tightly a gift that was poured out for all mankind. A reminder of the beauty of the blood of Christ. Just like the train of his red ribbon fills the whole tree. The ribbon Himself fills the temple of our souls. Praise God his banner over me is his Love! He has tied his rosy bow on the top of my heart and each day just the train of it sweeps me off my feet. The Spirit of Christ is the true meaning Christmas. And He is wrapped ever so softly in every believing heart.


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