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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

I hear the sound of fire crackling because of intense heat. I listen quietly as its warmth kindles my potential luke-warming soul. We grieve away the Holy Spirit so easily when we selfishly hold on to the dead wood in our lives. We must keep the fire of Holy Spirit burning. We must stay fervent in prayer, patient in affliction, and joyful in hope. We are weak to sin though and the desire to live righteous dwindles. Quickly now, go and burn the things that are holding you back from an intense holy fire in your life. The Spirit of Christ burns deep within us ever since we received salvation's call! Deep calls deep. And from the depths of God's goodness we can burn a spirit that pleases God. This because of the precious oil He has poured into us. So flammable that no worldly desire can overcome. The oil of Holy Spirit is in us, we must burn a holy light that brings glory to our LORD Jesus Christ! He is the all consuming fire that is giving us the oil to live fiery life. Let us not quench such a magnificent fire established in us by faith. What a waste of a life to be filled with so much precious oil and then not hear the crackling intense love found in Christ.

Study 1 Thess. 5:19


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