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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Been cut off. Driving down a busy road of life with people living it at all kinds of speeds. Suddenly I've been cut off, now having to slow down and to avoid a terrible accident. I'm not happy ready to drive beside and give this person a piece of my mind. But l look behind me and see the car pull up beside me in total disregard for traffic to accuse me of cutting them off. Its an awful back and forth blame game that drivers play on each other. So many tragedies happen in the road of life because of impatience, anger, and hypocrisy. Jesus came to this road of life to bring order and a higher standard of righteousness than humans. He provided a traffic light on this deadly and dangerous road of life. A standard where we all can live from and agree on. Red is stop. Yellow is caution. Green means go. Before the traffic light we relied on human intuition and goodwill. But the heart of humanity is desperately evil and its own devices has proven throughout time it cannot be trusted. In this busy road of life we live, Jesus himself has become the traffic light for humanity. If we do not obey the grace that God has provided, there only remains a horrible judgment that's waiting. You see on this road of life were living, it gets dark real quick without Gods provision. Its gets real murky, real harsh elements of this world that will affect your driving, your way of life. There are all kinds of signs and exits in life that will lead you no where. Places where there are no traffic lights or even stop signs, only destruction found in the often beaten path. Follow the signs God has provided in Christ Jesus our LORD. In Him we have order, we have provision, we have a narrow way. A heavenly traffic light to help us stay away from accidents and folly. One day soon I will see the pavement of rough worldly terrain change into the streets of gold. Thank you Jesus that I made it home, I pray I didn't cut anybody off to get here.

Study Is. 35:8

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