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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Doing yard work with my wife reminded me of Adam and Eve. Tending and caring for the garden of Eden. Imagine the difference of labor from before and after the garden. Not sure if I can. But as the hot sun beats down on me and my wife, sweats drips to ground. Thorns break through gloves and weed eater leaves get in your eyes and hair. Temperatures are rising as we give each the ghastly look of perfection. What Adam and Eve had in the garden they worked for continuously to attain again in there post Eden life. And only death separated them from that pursuit of restoring back the garden of God. You see it was more than just a beautiful garden, were there not beautiful gardens in all thee unexplored earth? What made Eden special was that God would meet with humanity there, our first parents. God's presence made the garden special, and not just that piece of land. Yes, not the garden of Eden per say but the garden of God in human hearts was lost. So according to Gods plan of salvation in the Gospel a pruning must take place, an uprooting must begin in the house of God his earthly temple. I looked at my wife when I thought of that and I saw Eve. I looked at myself and I saw Adam. And instead of an angel's sword blocking the way of the garden. I see a Cross telling us to enter in and rest our souls. God in Christ has brought the garden of Eden to us, Eden in our hearts. Come LORD Jesus, come tend to the garden of my gethsemane and make all things right with you again. I look over to my Eve as she pulls the weeds from the ground. I tell her good job, good and faithful servant to the LORD. The garden is beautiful, lets go the Cross and eat once again from the fruit everlasting. We have prepared our hearts for Him to come in. His Adam, His Eve, and a renewed garden unto the LORD our God.

Study Genesis 3:17


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