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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

I have a super power living on the inside. In my weakness is when its's activated and virtue flows out of me. I have no control over it though, its according to a time and purpose. After all the super heroes of this world have failed and faith alone is the answer. Then look to the sky, is it a bird, is a plane? No, its the Holy Spirit descending on a man of God in prayer! Wait on the LORD when all else fails. Wait I say. Stand still and you will see victory with your own eyes in the land of the living! Yes, you have a super power living on the inside. His name is Jesus. He is no hidden caped crusader or masked vigilante. He is alive and His Spirit lives in his mighty warriors. Look directly at the sun He created and you will soon be blinded by its glory! Swim into the depths of his oceans and be drifted back to the shallow shores of earthly wisdom. All victory belongs to Jesus, His power is matchless! Today is the day, the day of salvation. Stand up and lift up your heads, His Redemption is near. Do not let Him pass you by in all his glory and power. Jesus has come to save the day!

Study Ps. 73:26


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