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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

When I came to the Fathers house and was met by the door greeters I was amazed by their holy decorum. Then I passed by some of the laborers working hard while the master wasn't around. Then they pointed me to the pillars of throne where the Master stays. There I met some officials they were so excited to do the Masters bidding. When I came before Jesus I complimented his staff on how professional and how highly they think of Him. They are very loyal and speak honorable of their LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. I was then humbled to find out every person their was apart of the royal family. All sons and daughters in the Fathers house. And each having a role and reward for their faith and autonomy. Jesus says that they are saved by Grace and have received different rewards. He invited me to stay for one of endless fatten calf celebrations, as well as to meet the Father. There is always room at His table for the lost soul. Jesus says for all to come and dine with Him today. Become a child of the Living God and be apart of the Fathers house.

Study Rev. 21:22


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