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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

I see a fish fighting against a hook that has once again caught its mouth. Its got scars from previous encounters but escaped. The fish is pulling hard to avoid capture and certain death. Are we not like this fish once again lured by our own evil desires. Caught in sin and death but pulling away to avoid consequence and failure. We all have our scars from sins battle, its a very real struggle over temptation for all believers. There is more to this proverb that I want to go over the next day. But focus on this for today. On what I see unfolding in this proverb. Which is for some reason unlike many times before, the fish this time lost its strength, its will to fight, and it was dragged off to certain death. When lured to sin by our own desires we are subject to a constant unashamed spirit and a guilty conscience not submitted to God. Which leads to the loss of spirit and life and the will to overcome sin and repent. Where then the devil drags souls to hell with him and his minions. God help us to submit to God and resist the devil in Jesus name.

To be continued tomorrow....

Study James 1:14


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