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Proverbs of a 38 yr old man

Apply the Pressure of Prayer Listen, calm down take deep breaths of pure Holy Spirit within. There is sin that leads to spiritual death if you let it. Stop the bleeding out of life that Jesus died to give you. Confess your sins now, apply the pressure of prayer to the wound of guilt that has been inflicted on you. Remember, Christ has paid the price unto death, there is no need for your self righteousness. Contain the life that’s within you and do not grieve away the healing of Holy Spirit. Yes, you have been cut deep with anguish. And yes, you have an open fleshly wound. But apply the grace of God in Christ and stop the bleeding. If you do, soon it will stop and healing will begin. Let Jesus salvage and work together all things for your good. Look, I see restoration and color. What was ripped apart has been mended. What was dead is now alive. The blood of Christ has fused the wound and his healing salve has cleansed you. A new clear scab has begun to form! New things are growing over and fresh skin is being grown back. Hair is coming back and the body is growing stronger. Amen, there is power in his blood, do not let yourself bleed out again in self righteousness. Apply grace in the pressure of prayer to any open heart wound, and let repentance do it’s perfect work in you. For it is Gods kindness that we have not been destroyed by the iniquity of our sins. Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. You know my folly, O God, and my guilt is not hidden from You.

Study Ps. 38:5


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