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Proverbs of a 38 yr old man

Break tackle. There are so many things that the enemy throws at the believer in Christ to drag them back into their sins and defeat. Daily, its like a kick return in football terms. The goal is to move forward and not backward. To not fumble our progress and growth, yet again we find ourselves tackled with the cares and worries of this life. Each day should be a touchdown to glorify Jesus, though I admit many days I am not even close to the 50 yard line. Thanks be to the grace of God in Christ that there is always a new day, a new game plan, that the LORD Jesus hands off to us daily. And though we are easily tackled 7 times the Lord Jesus picks us up saying you'll get victory this next play. As we grow stronger in the LORD and in his playbook, we gain the confidence we need to pursue touchdowns for his glory. What so easily took us down we now break tackle. Hit after hit from the enemy becomes miss after miss. What was always fourth and long we now gain more ground. Operating from a 1st and 10 or a 2nd and 5, things start to become more manageable in our lives. More often than not, touchdowns start happening more. Where whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. God touching down to earth using us for his glory. Here is a live play by play of a daily kick return of a victorious believer. The enemy has punted on his advances and wants to move you back into your own territory. A place he wants to leave you in and keep you in bondage. The believer receives today securely keeping in line with his protection in Christ. He speeds up along the sideline and follows his blocks as the field opens up. One tackle, two tackle, both broken up by relentless faith. The return looks successful as the believer enters into enemy territory. The 40, the 30, the 20, slow down don't get to proud and ahead of yourself. The enemy pounces right at the door of the 5 yard line. Just wait, be patient for the greatest block which is Jesus Himself to come. He always stumbles the enemy leaving his head in the dirt of defeat, yes, as you break tackle to the end zone where glorious applause from heaven awaits. Listen to the cheers! It's not about you. Heaven's chanting the name of Jesus! Remember your victory belongs to Him.

Study Ps. 34:19


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