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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

The words of a good man feed many people. Yes, the words of a good person are valuable to other people. You need people in your life not only to tell you the truth in love, but also people that uplift and encourage you. What a blessing to have people in your life that love you and actually like being around you. They can't wait to give you a good word and fellowship. A good word is like food to a hungry soul. So many people want to be poured into but have no one to care enough to listen to there needs. Like a mother whose own food feeds her baby. And in some countries, a mother will take food from her own mouth and then give this food to her child. In the same way, a good man’s words are like food. His words feed other people’s minds and spirits. Other people become stronger, because of the wise man’s words. Fools die because they do not have wisdom. These people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. And not just earthly wisdom but godly wisdom. People are destroyed more because they do not know God. We as Christians have the gift of the Gospel and we can share this knowledge of Christ with others who are hungry for real food and wisdom. Even a simple cup of cold water we give to someone in Jesus name can refresh the thirstiest of souls. You have the Living Word living inside, go and give a good word today.

Study Proverbs 10:21


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