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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Stronger fires. Can a person catch fire in there lap? There are desires to hot for us to handle on our own. Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy? You need more than water or worldly sorrow to put out these strong desires that are swirling around in you and through you. These stronger fires can ruin our hearts and relationships if not put in check. In the world of real physical fires, they are classed from

Class A (Solids) to Class F( Cooking Fats & Oils). You would be amazed how each fire classification has a different way to put out each fire safely and effectively. I saw this concept of a fire blanket, a way to put out oil fires. And I think that is a perfect way to look at how Gods love covers a multitude of sin. Though the fire of sin and affliction overwhelms us at times, the grace of God covers us like a fire blanket putting out the guilt and shame. Allowing for the Holy Spirit fire to get stronger than any other fleshy desires and completely put these deadly desires out. But this Holy Fire can be quenched if we are not constantly being consumed in Christ's presence daily. All other fires consume you, especially lust from the inside out. But Holy Spirit fire, when He comes into a dry and desperate soul. He lights a fire of life and godliness that cannot be put out for all eternity!

Our God is a consuming fire. Stay close to Jesus and you will not get burned by sin but be purified by Holy Fire.

Luke 12:49


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