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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

So many people live weak lives. They say that their strong but when things come they fall away in there safe space of secret sin and relaxation. They retreat knowing that they cannot even face themselves in the heat of battle, let alone the enemy. You lost your strength to the things you gave your time and effort too. Hopefully they were beneficial and a blessing if not, when bad times come you will coward because of weakness. Even with your fleshly swag and confidence, you will leave with your tail within your own hands. You are no match to the enemy of your soul. Oh, you thought it was flesh and blood you battled. You strengthened your flesh and forgot about your Spirit being submitted daily to God. Get your strength back in the presence of the LORD and stop giving your strength to all takers. Here comes another mountain to climb, another ocean to swim, and another fiery trial to cross. Time to strengthen up and focus all your energy on Christ. His Righteousness will be our strength. Don’t waste what God is doing in you with the distractions of this world. The enemy of our souls is betting on this, so he can catch you in your weakest moment. Guilt and shame take your strength away. And you will lay in the vomit of your own sins. Raise your hand oh sinner. Don’t let love pass you by. Strength is on the way!

Study 2 Cor. 12-9


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