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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

A dog is prone to wander and get lost. Chasing ever desire it sees with no limit to their hunger and appetite. When they see a open gate they try to avoid it but end up wandering far from home. Losing everything great at home for chasing just a squirrel. An open gate means freedom for them to do whatever they want to do. But a trained dog remembers the voice of its master and turns from the open gate and stays home. When we abuse grace as an open gate to do whatever we want to do, we miss the mark greatly. Not everything is beneficial. Not everything is good for you and will move you away from Gods presence. There are so many things we give ourselves to not realizing we are abusing Gods grace. Sin is anything that keeps you away from Gods presence and His wisdom in your life. We start to become like the Pharisees counting mint and cumin to the tee, and neglect the weightier things of the heart. Let’s be in Gods presence daily learning to hear his voice. So that the next time you see an open gate of sin and freedom you don’t wander away from Gods word and presence in your life. Jesus wants you to have so much freedom. He died to give you that freedom. Real true freedom is to have restraint within you to not go after all the things of this world. Yes, living free being able to pursue the perfect will of God daily and not be held captive by the law of sin and death. A newness of spirit and life staying in the light of Gods presence and word. Look, another open gate and the dogs of this world run right through it with no restraint. They run back to the vomit of their sins and live lost lives. You were never meant to eat from a pig’s pen. You were made to eat from the Kings table. Let the dogs of this world eat the crumbs of sinful desires; we eat from the very hand of Jesus! Come back home to the Masters Hand!

Study 2 Peter 2:22


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