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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

God is looking for people to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. People worship all kinds of things and don’t even realize it. Some give their praises and trust to people, places and things. God is wanting us to worship Him not in a confined space or in a certain group of people. No, He is looking for people who would carry his image and share the message of the Gospel to a dying world. And not just worshippers that worship in spirit alone, a lot of people give their mind, soul, and body to a cause and seemingly higher purpose than themselves. Giving there hearts and minds to the spirit of age and forget the gift of the Living Word we are to live by. The LORD is looking for more than just spirit worshippers that honor God with their lips but not with their whole life. Yes, He wants people willing to worship in Spirit and in Truth. If you don’t have love for the truth you have nothing. Your spirit will not strive long enough. You need both the Word of Truth through the power of Holy Spirit in you to truly worship in spirit and in truth. A lot of people are worshipping in the spirit of the age and leaving behind the truth of Gods word for wicked and coddled desires. I dare say also that many Christians worship in truth alone and forget the power of Holy Spirit to move in peoples hearts. Many people adhere to the Word without the Spirit. It results in dry, mechanical services which only go through a certain form, a ritual observance, and the people go home deadened and dried up. It results in a kind of clenched-teeth piety in which the people resolve that they are going to "do their duty" as Christians, but there is no motivation, no hunger, no satisfaction, no love, no warmth, no joy, no life. In Scripture you always find the two, the Word and Spirit together, they are not meant to be separated. The Word is interpreted by the Spirit, and the Word becomes fresh and vital as you look to the Holy Spirit to make Jesus Christ step out of the pages and stand in your presence in living flesh. You feel the heartbeat of the human Lord who walked here on earth. It is the job of the Spirit to do that, and you never should come to the Bible without asking him to take these words and make them come alive. Your heart should burn within you to know God in his Word. Ask Holy Spirit to make you a true worshipper of Spirit and Truth. Able to handle the word of truth as well as live in the Spirit. A life modeled for us by the Living Word Jesus. He is the one that gives us Spirit and Life.

Study Eph. 1:13-14

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